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So how does OCOOM work for?

Helping your business thrive in online competitive environment by creating your stunning website, making it run smoothly.

Free wp consultant

Develop WP websites is our hobby. I have a deep knowledge about the WP websites and marketing skills. Thus, we give you advice how to build a good website fixing your business & your company. Websites with many functions are not always the best.

Team with deep passion

Our team works with the deep passion to develop your own website and business. We make your mobile-friendly WordPress web run smoothly and easy to manage. All you need to contact us, we will do your wish become true.

Guarantee your website

We do not let you alone when finishing building your web. All of the projects of website which we design are guaranteed at least 1 month. The duration will be longer upto 3 months, one years, or longer depending on your requests.

Stunning WordPress Websites

We work with you from beginning to finishing the website. We can consult you useful website to fix your business.

Responsive website is developed to attract more clients using mobile, computer or tablet.

Premium theme with professional look makes you feel more confident to develop your business.

Develop your own website to communicate with visitors. Your happiness is our success.

Partners who we work with

Starting with small and medium businesses and the first thing you need is to build a website to tell the world about your business.


Simply put: this makes building a Wordpress site a breeze! Absolutely great web design experience you need. There are plenty of options and customizations available. Thank you OCOOM for an incredible premium - yet affordable website!

Peter Bergan

Manager @travel

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